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    We still have unlicensed Plumbing in Australia & plumbers are underpaid. But all in all Australia is a great place to be.


    Your comments about the great land down under incite my Yankee Plumber urges to move to greener fields. I’m getting close to the age when plumbers think about retiring, though I can’t imagine myself spending weeks at a time going fishing or roaming the country in a mobile home…I’d like to slow down a bit and enjoy life as a retired plumber (with apologies to the guy who posts here with that handle), but I’ll be damned if I wouldn’t rather keep on plumbing, even if at a more leisurely pace, till the day that I drop. What kind of chances does an old Yankee plumb monkey like me have for retirement in your great continent…I mean, could I retire there and get licensed to dabble in the trade as a retiree?


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