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Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

    Dunbar. The Australian governments take the health of the nation very seriously & consequentially the States have very strict regulations pertaining to the people in the forefront – namely Plumbers, Drainers & Gasfitters.
    In Qld you Must be licensed to work on all plumbing, Drainage & gasfitting except unregulated work such as replacing tap washers or cistern washers.
    To contract, the contractor must hold a contractors license & be a licensed in the work being carried out.
    I personnally have Plumbers, Drainers Gasfitters Backflow, Fire hose reel & Hydrant, Site assesment & Design of on site Sewerage Treatment. As has my both Son’s.
    There are huge fines for both licensed persons & owners for unlicensed work without a permit & proper inspection.
    It may seem like big brother, but judging by the posts the amount of unlicensed DIY Plumbing in America is almost pandemic. We still have unlicensed Plumbing in Australia & plumbers are underpaid. But all in all Australia is a great place to be.

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