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this pipe cuts like butter with utility knife, or hacksaw you know how easy to cut becuase you already did it with your shovel

dig it about 18″ around and 6 inch under problem, cut old pipe about 1 inch from problem on both sides, cut replacement pipe aout 1″ smaller than section you removed to make up for bushings or ssplice

splice the pipe and fill in the hole, stick a hosta on top and your done

i like to use what they call compression bushings(fernell bushing?) its a rubber sleve with 2 stainless steel hose clamps, very heavy duty, made to last forever. use 2 bushings

only problem last time i did this was i needed about 8 inches of 1 1/2 black plastic, and it only comes in 100ft rolls so i had to throw out 99 ft and its a big bulky but light roll, only cost 10 bucks or so though

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