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    I read your dissitation with intense interest – I too am agast at some of things that are said and actually happen in this forum – I still cannot figure out how they do things in USA that would comply let alone work – even after spending a considerable time there myself.

    As is always the case there has to be someone that will dissagree with others and I will be the first to act in this instance with your last line of your statement regarding technical advice given to others.

    I beleive as a professional tradesperson in my trade and in doing so will give technical advise when it is saught and appropriate, however I will always draw the line when asked to detail how a thing is dissassembled for repair or how an object is actually installed. The later I beleive is where the tradesperson comes into the equation and DYO’s go out the window.

    Unfortunately or otherwise I was not a member of this forum when the Mr Sylvan saga eventuated or is that escalated.

    Thank you for being bold enough to post your beliefs for all to see.

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