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    You can use a sawsall with castiron cutting blade are use a soil pipe snapcutter.

    You COULD use a Sawzall with a carbide or metal-cutting blade on CIP, but that is slow, brutish, and expensive work (you’ll go through many expensive blades doing the work). For the money you’d have to spend, you’d be better off buying a snap-cutter. Of course you can rent them… It would also make the work much quicker and easier.

    The hammer and chisel appraoch is both cheap and quick. As R mentioned, be safety conscious… Such an approach works well if you are in “demolition mode.” None of the pipe you chisel out will be reusable…And you will need a clean cut at the point you wish to tie-in to the new drain pipe…There is where you can use the Sawzall or the snap cutter…

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