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    In responce to your questions, I’m not a state license holder for plumbing. In Florida that is not required for management. As where Florida does require licensed persons to publicly practice, it doesn’t require license for private/business owned enities withing it’s own company.

    If you didn’t follow that, let me give you an example: Disney world has a maintenace/engineering department. Within exists a branch deaprtment. ie plumbing. The personel is direct employee of “Disney” so they have to be licensed to work on “Disney’s” plumbing. I work for a large resort…..(I think you can follow from there)

    We maintain about 3,000 condos/house including water mains, backflows, hydrants, dainage, lift stations, etc.

    On the side I’m a computer network systems administrator for two resorts.

    Answer your questions?

    The more you complain, the slower I work.

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