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Condar. I have no problem in accepting your veiled appology. I have read your profile & found that you have had 9 years experience.
Are you a licensed plumber or a journyman?
What sort of work do you do?
I have been in the trade since finishing my Apprenticesip in 1968, I am very proud of the proffession & as such I have a problem with Professionals giving technical info to leypersons, so I normally suggest the correct course of action is to get a licensed Plumber, Drainer or Gasfitter.
I believe that personal attacks on any person is detrimental to this forum & feel that Mr retired plumbing may be getting an unfair share of critiscism because he has the time to answer the posts & because he probably comes from Misouri from his accent (are instead of or)
Give him a fair go, although I dont agree with him giving advice as to how to fix a toilet etc he is one of gods creatures & we are all different.

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