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    I installed new switch today.. more confused than ever. The switch has yet to turn on the pump in auto mode. If I manually operate the switch with ALL faucets in the house wide open the pressure builds rapidly and I have running water for 10 seconds at which time the pump kicks off at about 60psi. As the pump stops the water stops running and the line pressure drops to zero and the pump doesn’t kick back on at all.
    I am also certain that the pressure tank is remaining totally empty.. it sure sounds empty when tapped with a wrench.

    dead pressure tank I can deal with but why wouldn’t the new switch cycle on/off rapidly trying to maintain water pressure.

    to throw a curve ball into the whole thing.. If I close the main isolation to the house and open the valve on the T fitting (by the switch) I can manually start the pump and it will flow water forever until I start to close the valve at which time the switch shuts off the pump. If I then re-open the vavle the pump doesn’t come on and I get no water. Seems to me several of my symtems conctradict eachother.

    I’d call my well installer but he’s out of town for a few more days.

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