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Robert Stephen Morton

Peter. The Germans were involved in both wars as were the Ausies & Kiwis.
Man you must be old to know that the hot was on the left prior to 1914. Are there still houses built in Kiwiland of that vintage? In Bowen we had a couple of Cyclones that cleaned the old ones up.
But it was definatly the Germans cause they got the blame for everything until the japs came along.
The fella that posted the question says that he was a leftie, does he know that in Australia he would be called a kaki handed. Peter do you know where that term originated from?
Well it originated from the Indian custom of wiping their bottom with their left hand – hence kaki hand. so if you are left handed Indian you would have to eat with your kaki hand. not on – this is the reason that there is not many left handed Indians.
That is a “Fact”

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