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Thanks for the reply, I set my foot valve at 12 feet below static water level. Well i guess its not realy a footy valve the place were i purchased it at called it a “jet sump” or something like that , It was a peice that screwed onto the end of my pipe , it was about 12-14″ in length . The check valve and the foot valve were together at the bottom of the new pipe i put in. The jet assembly had 2 leather o-rings that stopped the water from going back down past the assembly . The pump i have is a deep well set up. It pumps water down beside the pipe between the pipe and the casing @ 40 psi. This helps push the water up the pipe. So the Goulds pump i have sucks the water up and pushes it at the same time. I hope that makes sense, i could have mis-understood the man when he was telling me about it.

Thanks for the help guys.


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