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Thanks for the tip with the bread. Could be useful if I can’t get it dry enough to fix.

Thanks also for the reminder to clean thoroughly. Tangit the glue-maker actually recommends its own cleaner.

What I need now is tips on how to actually plug the hole. I seem to be the first in the world to have made this particular mistake.

So far I have these tips:

1. Sandpaper around the hole and clean with Tangit cleaner, some kind of alcohol, thinner or acetone.

2. Possibly put some silicone in the hole, but avoid getting anything that will stick out in the pipe, as that will eventually clog the pipe.

3. Cut a piece from another PVC-pipe with the same diameter, sandpaper it, clean it as in (1) and glue it on using a PVC glue. Let dry for 24 hours before testing.

I’m curious as to why nobody suggests forcing a short plug with silicone on it into the hole, as it sounds to me as the ideal way to plug a circular hole.

I obviously need a solution that will keep tight for at least a generation, as I will build a new ceiling below this little thing. Will this piece of PVC glued on last forever?

Boy, do I wish I had aimed a few inches to the right…

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