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The “Red Button” is from your description obviously a by pass facility to allow one to get water from the faucet when the dishwasher is connected – some may leave them connected permanently and would need to get water at times from the faucet.
Now as to a blocked filter well firstly you have to remove the water hose connection from the faucet and trace it back to the machine where upon you should come across a valve/filter combination. Remove the filter and clean the same – refit it and try the machine once again. If you do not hear any electrical sounding “clunk” when the machine is turned on them the solenoid valve is not letting water through it to the machine from the faucet – this would indicate that it has a faulty solenoid electrical coil. At this point I would suggest you obtain the services of a suitably qualified person to repair the same for you – but ask for a quote first that way you will know if it is worth the repair cost.
Hope this helps.

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