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A certain way to check to see if you have a slab leak would be to check the dial on the water meter when no one is using water. Mark a line where the dial is now and then notice if it moves.If it does then you have a leak, if it does not then you do not.
If you have a leak there are tools to electronically detect where it is. Call your local Licensed Plumbing Contractor.
Good Luck,
The Local Plumber
Tustin, California

[/B]My wood floor is starting to buckle.. I pulled it up and it is damp underneath. can’t find the source of the water.. There is a 40 gallon fish tank in the same area, however, there is no evidence that the tank is leaking.. could I have a slab leak and if so how would I know.. What should I kook for?[/QUOTE]

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