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Maj: A thousand pardons senor, I had know idea you were stating a hypothetical bathtub stoppage scenario case for the purpose of educing practical answers from professional plumbers.
Nor did I know that you are a plumber, nor did I assume anything other than the question posed was from some poor single Mom trying to make ends meet with scant fiscal assets.
There was no assuption that you lacked the skills of a good Tradesman. There was no intent
to do anything but offer information to some poor soul who may not have a clue as what to do, and no money to do anything about it, even if she did.
Now, having said all that, if you still feel offended over an imaginary slight..get over it.
After over sixty years in this trade, I still am open to new means and methods of dealing with plumbing, gas and HVAC problems.
Not taking adequate precautions to stay alive while drive a car or crossing the street is not an issue that adults must spend all their waking hours pondering.
If OSHA was to be the ruler of the World, the
human race would be come extinct, because of the inherent dangers that are associated with everyday activities, we would no longer be able to those thing needed to perpetuate the species.
If a poster on this forum asks a question that needs an answer, we can’t go to that persons home and make an on site inspection of whasup.
And it would be just as impossible to accurately determine the posters mechanical apptitude or IQ.
Questions from would be DIY gas fitters are of course a horse of a different colour, and they should be given an admonition to secure help from a licensed professional at the risk of death by flame, explosion or asphyxiation.
If someone asks me what time it is, I don’t feel compelled to explain the entire history on watch making from ancient times to the present.
I hope I have laid to rest any perception that may arisen over my inability to adequately communicate a response to the question in question.
An in fact, there are many good solid Master
Plumbers that know only the construction end of the biz, and amazingly little about service work.

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