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Tony the Plumber

Experience doesn’t make one a master plumber,I know several very experienced plumbers that do some very sorry work. Now Majt2 tells us his bathtub drain is plugged up.He doesn’t tell us how old his house is,or if he has lead,copper,plastic or cast iron waste piping so I wouldn’t or didn’t make any suggestions on how to clear his drain.Nor would I without more information.If for instance he has a lead waste from his tub and it is in bad shape it is possible you will damage it when you turn on your
6.25 hp Rigid vac.If the drain has a stubborn stoppage and the lead is weak that much vacum could cause a problem.Or suppose the vac doesn’t suck the stoppage loose,then what happens when it is turned off? At the very least safety glasses and protective clothing should have been advised with your suggestion.Your method seems a bit extreme for a first suggestion.Several suggestions come to mind,but not knowing how handy or mechanically inclined majt2 is I wouldn’t want to suggest any course of action because of the chemicals.Liquid Plumber does nasty things to some flooring and wall coverings not to mention eyes and such.
As for your assumption that I have no service work experience,you know what they say when you chose to assume.
Majt2 I agree with Moe on one thing, most master plumbers will have the know how to take care of your tub drain. My suggestion is you find a reputable one and give him or her a call.

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