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Avatar photoBruce T

    some toilets arent equipped with siphon-jets my friend!
    some are gravity flush with wash-down rim only!
    (usually older style toilets)

    I for one have two rare floor mounted wall-discharge toilets with no siphon jet in my house!
    (dont ask!)

    if anyone knows of a floor mount,wall discharge toilet in pressure assist form with 4″ center from finished floor that doesnt look too silly please send me a link!!!
    I had someone from australia send me a link to a site with wall discharge but they looked FUNKY!
    (my house is a pre-fab dropped on a slab, all the plumbing is in the walls…all plumbing is flat-roughed…I cant change without coring through my footings!)
    (I live in plumbers hell!)
    But I call it HOME!

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