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Bruce T

satony was on the right track until he mentioned the use of muriatic acid!
He was assuming that you already made sure your water level in the tank was within one inch from the overflow of the flush valve and that your refill tube was functioning properly.

If these things were checked first and you are positive that there is no partial blockage of the trap by debris or improper installation of the wax seal or wobbling toilet causing wax displacement then YES!
(his advice about the 3 gallons of water should answer those questions)

Satony is giving one of the most overlooked problems in sluggish toilets!
usually a small jewelers screwdriver used to rod out the little holes around the inside rim will do the trick to remove scale and deposits.
ALSO, an old worn flapper will tend to sag into the inlet of a flush valve restricting flow as well.

Dont play with acid unless your at a RAVE party !

And even then, make sure its pure or youll get vision problems!
One Eyed Bruce.

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