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Bruce T

I saw your picture!

I have a similar fiberglass shower that looks IDENTICAL except your missing the brass “drain ring” that mine has!
Mine is roughed in with plastic pipe and trap and the rubber “gasket” is packed around the trap riser and the surrounding brass “drain ring”
Why or HOW this thing is missing from your shower I havent a clue!!
I did not install the shower in my house, but the picture you posted looks EXACTLY like mine minus the brass drain!
Do you see the tapered edge around the drain in YOUR picture?
MY tapered edge is almost covered with a brass ring that extends down below the trap riser and a rubber gasket seals the pipe against the brass drain.
Unfortunatly I do not know how the actual brass drain was installed on mine.
I will talk to some people and get back with you to see if this piece can be installed from above or not.

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