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how much do plumbers useually cost per hour?null

c corso

My top Mechanic is now making $65.00 per hr in the envelope NOT including benifits and profit sharing.

So my top employee actually costs me close to $115.00 per hr if you consider days off with pay,hospitalzation, company car for his personal use plus I pay his cell phone bill.

Of course this is not the normal rate an employee gets as my regular mechanics make only $45 per hr but they are not as skilled as the top mechanic.

This question is asking how much does a lawyer make?

One one my accounts has a building 47 stories high with thousands and thousands of these low life lawyers working in his building.

Yet if you contact each law firm you would find each one pays their flunkies various salaries.

A decent plumbing mechanic today should be able to gross $75,000-$135,000 plus profit sharing.

Of course the Master plumber should draw a salary of at least $175,000+ or they are wasting their time and should go out and work for someone or find something else to dabble in.

There are low lifes out there who actually pay the lesser skilled mechanics less then $20 per hr which is really a disgrace as if these folks are willing to accept about $20 per hr you know they honestly have no marketable skills and shouldnt be in the trades to begin with.

Look at off the wall Fraud who has no skillls what so ever so when your asking prices maske sure your asking about professionals not handymen

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