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Many of my accounts are embassies.

One of the Ambassadors was over 7′ 3″ and called me to figure something out as he was too long for the bathtub and way to tall for the average shower head.

Considering money is no object I designed a bathtub strictly for this residence as being an ambassadors residence they are exempt from certain codes as they have immunity

I took sheet copper and formed a box much like a lead pan 7′ 6″ long 3 ft height 3 ft wide

Custom designed over flow using a Franklyn waste like for commerical sinks

I used a 3″ Josam floor drain with an integral trap Bronze body for longivity with stainless steel bolts and polished brass.

Ask the Fraud how much this thing weights

Have a great one and good luck

The reason I opted for copper is the weight factor 3/4 PSF as opposed to 1/116″ lead 4 PSF.

After I silver brazed the seams and tested for 48 hours I had a fantastic cement mason make a finished job out of terrazzo

If your not looking for a custom job like this $32,000 + I would suggest you look into the cheaply made off the shelf fiberglass whirl pools or hot tub

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