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In reply to message posted by Wallingford Plm+Htg:
Sylvan..You said that I never give anyone sound advice,but I did suggest that you go to a mental health clinic.That has to be some of the best advice given on this site!!

You must be thrilled knowing your the kind of FRAUD I teach mechanics not to be like.

YOUR the bottom of the line when it comes to training.

How do you spell looser? “OFF THE WALL FRAUD P&H” for starters

You would not make a pimple on an apprentice butt

A pimple on your butt would be considered a brain tumor TSK,TSK

Looser where is your lic number and state so we can contact your local plumbing board and ask how they let Stumble BUMS get to dabble in any trade.

Some are born beautiful some are born smart YOUR the two time looser of all time..

Keep reading my posts and someday you may even learn enough to know how stupid you really are in P&H READ learn and shut up moron

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