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Boy, I made a couple of the steps longer than needed due to inexperience but that picture of the pressure reducing valve was a tremendous help in finding her. It worked like a charm in building the pressure and forcing the water upstairs. As luck would have it, my solders appear to be holding beautifully… very nerveracking to wait a day to determine that. I’d love to tile over it tonight, but my gfriend wants to wait a day to make sure my solders don’t spring a leak. Oh well, its true I have set a precedence doing a couple other projects… but that’s for the electrician board to speculate about. As far as the plumbing board knows, I’m a success story.

Thank you very much Nick and Sylvan, and Sylvan please send me more information about your list via email. Sounds like something I’d be interested in.


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Jim it is with great honor I have signed you onto my list.

Hey if you ever want to make a career change you can go right into heating as your very qualified as your have just completed a perfect job.

You Jim have again proven what I have said for over 20 years the Majority of home owners who can read above 4th grade level can be fantastic heating folks with no problem what so ever.

Feels great doing your own repairs huh?

I know how it feels to cross professions and come out smelling like a rose.

Today again I came through as an expert witness in a burn case

I hope they nail the P&H guy to a wall and his insurance company for not insisting contractors should pass a written test as well as practical

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