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Thu first post I did was about how to get the water back in. Bakwrds thinken works.

I’ll need to check for where the city water enters my home and examine the connections. I did notice that the pressure on my boiler has dropped to 10 from its customary 15. I’m assuming the normal 15 psig was based on someone smarter than me previously doing the height calculation referenced in your link. In layman terms, am I correct in understanding there should be a manual valve somewhere between the city water and my boiler that I can turn to allow more city water into my boiler to increase the pressure back to 15, and that once it reaches that level water should be forced upstairs? If that is correct, I’m assuming water will eventually start running freely out the hose I used to drain the system, and once it does I should be able to shut down that faucet head to stop water flowing from the hose, and re-open the valve just past the hose to allow the now running water to return to the boiler? I have to admit, the warning message in the link you provided scares the bejeebers out of me in that I’m unfamiliar with the parts mentioned by name, and it sounds like I need to open some type of relief valve while refilling the system to guard against hurting my boiler during the refill process. Is that accurate?

By the way, at any time people are free to tell me to call a plumber if it appears I’m too dense to comprehend clearly conveyed instructions!

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