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    Yeah. If heatin guys ever had a test to take, they might not pass. Not like plummers who have to take 100,000 hours of training to get a lisense. Aint lisenses for heat repairs, guess blowin up is less dnager then breathin sewer gas.

    Well Nick look at the OFF the wall frauds out there saying P&H.

    Ask these low lifes about how ofter a boiler should be hydrstatically tested?

    Ask them about what pressture a steel,scast Iron boiler should be tested at

    Ask the off the wall frauds about internal inspections and what to check for in an internal inspection?

    But these low lifes do put Heatin and plbg huh?

    Thankfully many parts of the country does have heat pumps and thus this backwards air condition system does away with Fraud P&H contractors.

    Have fun Nick.

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