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Thanks! The sink is self rimmed, just drops in. We are purchasing all new faucets, hot water dispenser, etc. I am just concerned about having to punch a hole in the sheet rock due to the plumbing changes that will have to be made.

Hi Sue, If your installing a hot water dispenser like an ISE etc.

Check to make sure the COLD water supply to is has its own shut off valve and for Petes sake NO PIERCING Valves.

You should also have your water tested for pH as water with a lot of minerals will coat the inside of the H/W tank and render it useless with mineral deposits.

Now is the time to decide if you want a pull out spray faucet like a PricePfister or a seperate hose and of course you can also go for all the little things women should have by a kitchen sink

You can have a soap dispencer installed and a hand lotion dispencer a seperate spout for filtered cold water.

Hey its only ideas as you dont get these kind of options very often Have fun

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