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We have an 17 year old 33×22 stainless steel sink and the bowls are only 6″ deep. I want to replace with 33×22 granite composite sink, but the bowls are not the same size. The left is 9 1/2″ deep and the right is 8″ deep.

Is this something that we can do ourselves, or are there major plumbing changes that need to be made?

Am I going to encounter any problems with trying this? THANK YOU!

Hey Sue, other then the obvious height difference a lot of the sinks installed using granite composite types of counter are placed under the counter and are not the self rim type.

Another problem is the age 17 years can mean some of the tubular fittings maybe at the end of their life expediency.

This is one of the jobs you should give to a plumber to install and have the counter top set by a carpenter/marble man.

Care also has to be taken as to which type of putty/caulking you can use as some contain oils and can stain your new counter top.

You should also replace the faucet and duo strainers.

When the old sink is removed and prior to installation of the new counter top and sink I would also strongly suggest now is the time to snake out or water jet the waste line.

Good luck and Enjoy your new kitchen .. Sylvan

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