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In reply to message posted by John L. O:
I recently bought a 16 year old house, and was surprised at the volume of noise (roaring) when the bath tap is turned
on. When the shower is turned on the volume of noise diminished, but is still louder than I want. What do you recommend to
stop this? I have heard that flexible links may be the answer, is this true? Thanks in anticipation.

1- Either open the “taps” less then full

2- find the nearest globe valve for controlling this this shower and THROTTLE it down. This why globe valves were designed to do

3- Install a flow restrictor in the shower head to cut down on “volume”

4- Replace the tub spout with a variable type of outlet.

Check your in coming pressure as it maybe excessive for the piping size you have

Velocity for copper tubing for example should be designed 5-8 FPS (less on hot water)

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