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The Kiwi’ are a proud race, dont call ’em Aussies

And as you know, tempering valves have been compulsory on Australian installations for years now.

Sir you just proved my point AGAIN you blokes are at least 15-20 YEARS behind the times.

Tempering valves have been used here during the early 1950’s

A “tempering Valve” will not provide scaldi
> I also want
> them to be aware that (whether it’s an accident or on purpose) someone
> might
> be messing around with the pipes.
> Thanks again!!
tut tut tut, giving out misleading information.

Sir, you have proven my point AGAIN you blokes are at least 15-20 years way behind the times.

You see kind sir “tempering valves” have been in use here during the early 1950s

What we professionals did learn is tempering valves DO NOT protect against sudden pressure changes or rapid temperature fluctuations.

For real protection we use PRESSURE BALANCING VALVES or Temperature balancing valves Or a combination of BOTH.

Possibly in the next 25 years you blokes MAY get to a standard of plumbing protection we are blessed with here NOW.

We had flat rate pricing for over 100 years and YET you folks are just now getting involved with it?

We have codes and fantastic training much like our Canadian neighbors.

I think you need to concern yourself more on learning how to do plumbing/drainage then trying to learn pricing applications.

Thankfully with the influx of folks from South Africa and the Middle East I am sure these new folks moving in will help you Aussies get a higher education and standard in the trades.

Now if you can get Europeans to drop in to your country then you will even have not only sciences BUT an appreciation for the arts like Opera,ballet and civilized plumbing systems and a great taste for fine wine instead of the rot gut you wankers drink.. Ever think of trying GREAT German beer?.

Have a great one mate (G’Day)

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