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When taking a shower and cold water is turned on elseware in the house (toilet flush etc.) the shower becomes unbearably hot. Is there a plumbing fix to correct this problem?

Of course there is a simple cure to this very serious problem.

Depending on what part of the planet your from.

In the civilized parts of the globe like America and Canada.

We have perfected pressure balance types of shower body’s like Delta, PriceFister (Black and Decker), Symmons, Moen to name a few of the brands that are easy to service and install.

Symmons does also offer one with the integral stop already installed for easy isolation.

Now if you really want to protect yourself and your loved ones consider spending a little more money and get not only a pressure balance type BUT a temperature control also.

Many low life’s do not bother to think safety when they install showerbody’s and there are slug lawyers looking to pounce on these degenerates to put them out of existence.

Sort of snakes eating other snakes

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