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Thank you Bungie so much. Seriouly thanks a lot it proves my point.

What is to stop a run away government from outlawing ANYTHING they feel like?

Next thing you know someone will say box cutters cause plane crashes.

How can a “government have something legal THEN POOF take away your rights?

It didn’t work for Communist Russia or even the Nazis either BUT I guess OZ government officials don’t bother to learn from history

Now for a point to ponder my good man just imagine if any one of those ill fated flights of September had ONE LEGAL gun owner on board ALLOWED to protect himself I’LL bet that several thousand lives would have been saved.

Again, any government in fear of is citizens is FREEDOM and citizen in fear of his/her government is Tyranny.

How can a lousy Government “buy back” something it never owned?

Suppose next week the Australian NUT CASE Government decides to ban families from having more then 3 children do they plan on having a buy back program?

Once you lose one right you may as well loose them all, this is what history has taught us.

The reason the United States founders had the second amendment put in this position was to PROTECT all the others ONLY Freedom of Speech comes first.

Think about it, every modern dictatorship started with some type of Government ban/buy back program.

Of course it cant happen again huh?

Bet that was the last words muttered in Bosnia, South Africa, Nazi Germany.

We have some nut case senator who said guns cause death BUT we have ONE DRUNK Senator who killed more women in his car then all my fire arms combined.

Guns actually stop crimes read the real publications.

Buy back amazing concept to try to swallow. GAG ME

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