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Robert Stephen Morton

Trent, Sylvan. I, like Bungie am mystified at the question. I have never seen the requirement to replace a pan because of use before handover. It may be because in Qld it is law that toilet facilities are provided for workers. We also use a lot of Coca Cola so maybe not all drink it. I have seen toilets having to be replaced because of damage caused by painters or plasterers using the pans as scaffolding but I suppose that stems from the inability of builders to properly coordinate staging. To sylvan, you must have visited one of the cities as these are frequented by new citizens with limited knowledge of civilised hygene practices. I remember when working in Sydney once having to crawl under a house to connect some wastes & found that the new Australian concreters had visited the under house quite recently, they say Sydney is a beautiful place but the inhabitants have some strange & disgusting practices. Why they even have a poofter & lesbian Madi Gras with protection of the police & Government. A good place to steer clear of.
Regards Bob (40 years in Plumbing, Drainage & Gasfitting, first 2 years in Sydney as apprentice )

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