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Can anyone tell me were I could find the figures or data for the money wasted on toilets being replaced or cleaned due to there use before either hand over date or before the water has been turned on,here in Australia.If there is any at all.

Very good question as I have often wondered where folks from Australia get their training?

I have seen brand new construction sites where the water is not even turned on fixtures being set and some Aussie bloke decided to use the facilities.

I guess it has to do with the gene pool.

I feel so sorry for the general contractors having to explain to the new owners why some Wankee left cigarette butts in the toilet and other really nasty habits these blokes are known for.

I think as a professional the general contractor should ask the plumbers and laborers on the site if they live in a stable or have the decency of knowing where to go to use the “proper” facilities.

I can’t imagine the money wasted in Oz because of these types of low lives.

Hopefully with the influx of the new wave of immigrants OZ will once be semi civilized

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