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I have a dripping Drain valve on my Rheem Water Heater. Would greatly appreciate if folks out there could suggest the remedy for this.

thanks in advance.

According to your profile it says “engineer”

As an engineer I am sure you are aware of the ASME (American Society Mechanical Engineers) code especially section IV Or the NBBI
(National board boiler inspectors)

You can appreciate why giving information out, sight unseen regarding a fired or even an unfired pressure vessel is a very dangerous practice.

A leaking temperature/pressure could be a sign of several problems.

A leaking “blow down” valve located on the bottom of the tank can be either replaced AFTER the gas/electric power is off and the tank allowed to cool then drained THEN this valve should be replaced with a decent quality brass boiler cock like a Nibco or a Wolverine brass hose bib.

For a stop gap approach you can buy a brass hose bib cap with washer to stop the dripping for now.

Good luck and be careful…..

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