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In reply to message posted by Robert Stephen Morton:
Sylvan. in response to your attemped sarcasm in your your post to Bungie. It seems that we have a different terminology to you regarding Torches – Flashlights. You apparently assumed Bungie was suggesting inserting a blow torch to iluminate the underside of the spa bath (Whirlpool), in Oz a whirlpool is a washing machine. Likewise a airgap is the difference between a rim of a tundish & the waste discharging to it (normally 2 diameters) or the space between the water seal of a trap & the grate.
As I have said on many other occasions your attempts at sarcasm runs off like water on a ducks back, its very hard to insult us as even our mates put crap on us, we assume that as long as you are talking to us it must be friendly. most of us work on the assumption that if we have nothing nice to say we say nothing.

Robert, you make a lot of sense.

It is a shame plumbing terms are so varied across the pond that there is so much confusion.

Even here in the States we have Air gap (water supply) and air Break (drainage)

Bungie did say “stating the obvious” which is not to be taken lightly as folks do take others seriously look how easy it is for me to turn Bungies dials.

Gerry on the other hand had me going nuts when he was kind enough to look me up and speak way to short a time over my home.

We did laugh a lot.

I suppose you blokes call a shower a rain locker?

Whirlpools in this country are for sitting in and relaxing and a dish washer washes dishes and a clothes washer washers clothes.

This is the exact reasoning misfits in the trades who are non licensed and have no real skills are called tech’s in this part of the world.

Even notice a ligitimate plumbing company will say I am sending over a “plumber” to take care of your plumbing job?

Would you believe some franchises resort to say they are sending over a “tech” as there is no license or skill requirements in plumbing for a tech.

Robert it is always a real treat reading you informative postings and I learn a lot from them.

Please keep it up and thank you again ..Sylvan

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