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Robert Stephen Morton

Sylvan. in response to your attemped sarcasm in your your post to Bungie. It seems that we have a different terminology to you regarding Torches – Flashlights. You apparently assumed Bungie was suggesting inserting a blow torch to iluminate the underside of the spa bath (Whirlpool), in Oz a whirlpool is a washing machine. Likewise a airgap is the difference between a rim of a tundish & the waste discharging to it (normally 2 diameters) or the space between the water seal of a trap & the grate.
As I have said on many other occasions your attempts at sarcasm runs off like water on a ducks back, its very hard to insult us as even our mates put crap on us, we assume that as long as you are talking to us it must be friendly. most of us work on the assumption that if we have nothing nice to say we say nothing.

oh allright, oorooh
regards bob

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