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    I have a dishwasher that has the bad habit that when it drains, alot of drain water flows out the airgap. I have taken the hose going from the washer to the airgap and cleaned it even though it looks open, just to be sure. The same with the line going from the airgap to the garbage disposal, it looks clean as well. Both of these lines ran water very well and are quite clean due to a recent remodel. The lines are not kinked and are straight. The garbage disposal never gets so full of water so as to back up and cause the airgap to flood and spill out. The air gap itself was clean with no food particles. Any suggestions?

    If you had a recent remodeling job and if the contractor had installed a 2″ line (hopefully not plastic) and no short radius fittings plus took the extra precautions of water jetting the existing lines they tied into the only other possible reason for this kind of problem to exist is the volume of water being discharged far exceeds the drain capabilities of the garbage disposal outlet.

    You may find it advisable to install a separate connection for the dishwasher by passing the garbage disposal completely.

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