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Contrary to @$#^^%#wits comments (He is a gun user and believes its the right of all people to have the ability to kill someone at a moments notice). More folks are killed by drivers and Abortions and OVER dose on drugs or Bad doctors then all the guns EVERY owned by LEGAL gun owners Except possibly the police and Military

How many Abortions are performed to GUN killings guy?

Unlike the USA, In Australia there are VERY strict laws pertaining to products that can be fitted to the water and drainage systems of the nation. Unlike the USA, in Australia all our WC’s work. No need to explain to the customer how to use a plunger because the toilet approved by their standards organisations doesn’t work as designed. << The Wanker speaks UNTRUTH as usual

The Sloan Royal 1.6 with a Crane elongated WC like in my house out performs ANY gravity or pressure assisted toilets INCLUDING the 3.5 models. Of course being a WANKER like yourself mate you could careless about water conservation

Get a sample of the product to have tested by the correct authorities here before bulk buying them. << What "authorities" are you talking bout mate?

Or being from a Penal colony nation do you have ONE CODE fits all?

I think England needs to rethink its prison positions rather then make an island of folks who have no clue to various CODES Thankfully MOST of the top notch Plumbers/Gas Fitters and Drainers came to OZ from OTHER places and that is why blokes like Bungie finally have indoor plumbing.

Try to lock up a contract that you only have to follow through with IF they get approval.

By the way mate if you trhink about it IF the poor Natives in your country had guns you blokes could never have taken away their children in the 1940’s

Guns in LEGAL hands means FREEDOM History has atlkeast taught us that much Have a fantastic holiday Mate.

We have a senator who killed more women with his car then ALL my guns combined.

Ask Tanya about “gun control” in South Africa.

NO MORE gun talk on here mate as you lost your rights so forgetabout it.

Let BIG BROTHER continue tell you what is ok for you to own, Your a great Follower mate.

Never can you trust ANY government that does not trust its citizens.

A government afraid of its citizens is a democracy.

A citizen afraid of his government is Tyranny LONG live the CZAR

Figured Id get Bungie to jump right in he has been way to quiet lately LOL

Hi Gerry and Michael the GasMan Finally let the Bungie out of hiscage I see

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