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Robert, you brought up a very valid point.

This past week I was called to investigate a leak in a ceiling in a mansion owned by a doctor.

I hired a carpenter to open the ceiling below the bathroom in question and we found the leak.

The insurance company was called and within an hour they called my office.

Lucky I do have a great relationship with several insurance companies and the agent said what do I think has to be done.

I explained about all the water damage to the floor beams and walls and how I have to remove the existing tub to let the carpenter (insured and licensed) remove the old sheet rock walls and replace them with wonder board (cement boards)

The tiled floors have to be broken up and the tub removed.

Since the walls have to be opened we are going to install a code approved anti scald shower body new toilet new vanity and new tub.

The total cost for all this work is the doctors deductible ($500) plus the new fixtures

Cast Iron 5 ft tub $300 toilet $65 and the vanity and sink he picks out.

ALL the labour is completely covered for the time to locate the leak and all the labor to install the fixtures.

Imagine getting a complete new bathroom tiles, etc., for under $1,800 and a much better job then the 22 year old original.

Ah the joys of using licensed and insured legitimate contractors working hand in hand with a reputable insurance company.

Knowing the contractor I sub contracted the openings to was licensed and insured made the job go so easily.

I love home owners doing most of the work as nothing is covered on their labor AND if anything should go sour it is their problem as they did the opening and like one bloke when opening a floor he cut another copper line with his reciprocating saw really created more work for everyone.

Since the home center came within 3 miles of my office I have more then trippled my “emergency calls” on the week ends getting double time for week end work which is common practice as we also love our time off

Imagine trying to hold back the smile when you say it will cost you $250 per hr per mechanic, Sir it is truly a shame sir you didnt call a licensed person 1st during the normal working hours you could have saved yourself a lot of time and aggravation

I hope more and more folks buy how to do their own work ESPECIALLY gas and heating.

This lady hired a handyman, to just install a stove and $8,500 later we finally had the place livable again.

Please, Robert tell these folks sure no problem get a big hammer bust out a big enough opening so you can safely solder without burning the place down get a fire extinguisher ready just in case and buy a how to book and do all your home improvements on the week ends and after hours.

After all home centers create jobs for everyone and we should be on the stand by when things do go wrong which they always seem to do.

It is almost to the point I no longer have to even think about working Monday – Friday as the week ends are fantastic considering Saturday is double time and Sunday is tripple time, so on the week ends my guys make a full weeks pay for 14 hours GOT to love it Robert

On my trucks it says it big bold letters “We repair what your husband tried to fix” Smile be happy

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