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Robert Stephen Morton

Tony. You havn’t mentioned your country. But I believe the conditions in Australia would be generally the same,if you have home insurance.
In Australia, It is illegal for a person to interfere with Plumbing. A customer will ring me as a Licensed Plumber & request me to find the cause of the water damage to the tiles & wall, I would attend the Shower & investigate first with external investigation, if unable to fix from external I would explore by removing a section of the wall, when the problem was fixed the home owner would lodge a claim for damage caused by the (1) leak, (2) exploration. The home owner would be responsible for the repair, this is normally by replacement of the offending item. The insurance company”s rep or assessor would determine the reinstatement necessary then arrange for quotes to reinstate back to original, the insurers are responsible for the reinstatement.
By interfering with your plumbing you have successfully negated any claim, but you now ask professional Licensed Plumbers how to fix the problem.
The best answer I as a fully Licensed Plumber can give is to call a reputable licensed plumber.
Regards Bob

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