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Sylvan. In my post I said “we installed a waterless urinal” I didnt say we “supplied” it,
The Developer requested the waterless urinal after talking to a Agent. The “urinal” has worked in the public amenities of the shopping centre for aprox 12 months without problems. On the basis of its performance I would, at this stage have no hesitation to give Qualified endorsement. It seems that this is one of only a handfull of American inventions that have gained Australian Standards Approval.
It seems to work & saves the use of water. An increasingly scarce comodity in one of the dryest Island Continents in the world.
Ps I have since found that Tradelink are now the distributor of these Urinals, I have ordered the cartridges from them.
Regards Bob

You got to love “American technology”

Personally I like water type fixtures and if need be use the GRAY water for fire suppression systems or Irrigation or Recycled much like we did with sea water many years ago.

Reading these all these posts ( all kidding aside) I am shocked to find most of the posting would show your blokes are 20 years behind us in plumbing designs.

Have you guys SERIOUSLY considered importing some knowledge from Israel as this little country took dessert sand and created a land of milk and honey.

I know if I really wanted a “country” that looks to conserve resources Mine is one of the few I would actually would NOT look towards.

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