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Avatar photoRobert Stephen Morton

    Sylvan. In my post I said “we installed a waterless urinal” I didnt say we “supplied” it,
    The Developer requested the waterless urinal after talking to a Agent. The “urinal” has worked in the public amenities of the shopping centre for aprox 12 months without problems. On the basis of its performance I would, at this stage have no hesitation to give Qualified endorsement. It seems that this is one of only a handfull of American inventions that have gained Australian Standards Approval.
    It seems to work & saves the use of water. An increasingly scarce comodity in one of the dryest Island Continents in the world.
    Ps I have since found that Tradelink are now the distributor of these Urinals, I have ordered the cartridges from them.
    Regards Bob

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