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In reply to message posted by Robert Stephen Morton:
We installed a “waterless” urinal aprox 12 months ago. It was supplied through Reece Cannonvale in Qld (Aust) Address – Waterless Systems (Aust) P/L Po Box 139 Brisbane Markets Qld 4106 Ph 07 3278 4022 Fax 07 3278 0072 Toll free 1800 351 359 – email [email protected].- Mob 0411 553 509
All attempts to contact the supplier through Reece have failed & when any of the telephone numbers are rung I am told that they are disconnected, I tried email but it too is unnavailable.
Any one know the importer or another State Supplier?

Robert, thank you for being one of those blokes who love to try things FIRST.

I am so thankful the world has men like you men of vision willing to TEST unproven devices or piping systems.

The Plastic slab Failures are almost a thing of the near past and shouldn’t be any concern in a few years.

The waterless toilets are something YOU should also install in a lot of places so we can ask your valued opinion in a few weeks or months on their Performance.

The only real draw back I have found with P&H guy’s who screw up with a BAD CHOICE of materials or fixtures is the contractor may say oops but the one actually holding the wrong end of the stick is the poor victim who trusted the “Professionals” good judgment.

Just because the American Wanna be heating guys made a big mistake and TRIED like hell to blame the manufacturers doesn’t mean ALL manufacturers are bad or good,

Personally I like to test NEW fixtures in my own home or office long before I would dare install them in someone else’s place, But hey I hate callers calling me funny names when A product I choose fails miserably.

There are TWO brands of 1.6 GPF Toilets I fully endorse BUT then again I did test them for a full year prior to selling them to my accounts.

Crane and Gerber IN THAT Order I NEVER would suggest a power assisted noise maker that is prome to problems BUT call me chicken .

Please Robert keep me posted on your Quest to make things RIGHT.

Have a nice day Mate G’Day to you Bob

Ah the pleasure of being the VERY first to use STATE of the ART products must have a whole lot of personal satisfaction HUH?

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