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In reply to message posted by Wallingford Plm+Htg:
I was going to try to answer all your questions just to see what kind of grade I could get.Then I relized that it didn’t matter because when a real pro like you said a “fantastic plastic device” is good,I made the switch.How could I not follow any man who obsesses about plumbing the way that you do.If I did take the test what kind of grading curve do you use?I’m afraid that with having a life “unlike you” I may have slacked a little on my studies.Somehow I do manage to do a very good buisness and keep my customers happy.I just worry now that one of my customers may ask me about the “deflection per inch per degree of thermal expansion and contraction of copper type k” man will I look stupid.Well gotta go now.I have some studying to do.

One more point You said

“deflection per inch per degree of thermal expansion and contraction of copper type k”

If your using “K” copper for hot water you did have a real mechanic instruct you that K copper has a thicker wall then L or M and thus the velocity would increase and cause more erosion of this type of tubing.

Do not feel bad a lot of morons in the field facing an erosion condition because of using “M” tubing for heating make this stupid simple mistake of installing a thicker wall and then this creates even more problems.

Hey dont take my word ask the Copper institute.

I guess WALLFRAUD is correct as using the wrong wall thickness and you being a FRAUD is perfect name you have chosen.

Why did you pick on plumbing to dabble in?

There are so many other things you could have possibly learned.

Plumbing and heating is not for everyone guy NOT a put down fact of life.

YOUR never going to be fully qualified journeyman let alone a semi skilled mechanic.

All your postings so far are wrong and your yet to give one piece of sound advice.

You look to pick apart other postings BUT yet to add anything semi useful.

You even admitted I got you to look into the books something you didnt even think of yourself.

Home centers are full of folks dabbling in plumbing and I am sure they have read and understand as many books as you have.

Your very lucky some states actually sell licenses to anyone willing to pay a fee but in your heart you know your not even close to bveing skilled.

Im sorry guy to be the one to tell you, but it better you dabble in something that requires less mental skill then you have shown here.

Plumbing is not for everyone, please dont feel bad… The TRUTH shall set you free, like the TRUTH you show where your located

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