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    I was going to try to answer all your questions just to see what kind of grade I could get.Then I relized that it didn’t matter because when a real pro like you said a “fantastic plastic device” is good,I made the switch.How could I not follow any man who obsesses about plumbing the way that you do.If I did take the test what kind of grading curve do you use?I’m afraid that with having a life “unlike you” I may have slacked a little on my studies.Somehow I do manage to do a very good buisness and keep my customers happy.I just worry now that one of my customers may ask me about the “deflection per inch per degree of thermal expansion and contraction of copper type k” man will I look stupid.Well gotta go now.I have some studying to do.

    Wow Next you may even learn there ARE CODES too To bad you did not study before you screwed those poor people thinking they hired someone who knew something about some aspect of the trade Seeing how you admit your laking skills NOW do the right thing and get out of the field and let a QUALFIED person do it

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