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    Ok folks, hold your horses!

    I found it!!

    At the touch of a button your hot water is pumped rapidly to your sink or shower. Nothing gets run down the drain, saving you thousands of gallons of water per year!

    The Chilipepper is a small, powerful, pump that mounts under your sink

    Best wishes and happy plumbing!


    Real PLUMBING is not that easy partner

    Yes, it is fantastic to get water moving fast BUT at what price?

    You see certain piping materials are prone to premature failure from excessive velocity Erosion for example on copper tubing ESPECIALLY with hot water.

    Excessive velocity can cause hydraulic shock waves (water hammer) A very dangerous condition.

    There are certain guide lines an installing journeymen have to follow before installing any pump or circulator.

    There is of course the Hazen-Williams formulas dealing with flow which not only can make lots of noise but can destroy a system from internal erosion.

    The problem is a lot of companies will tell you the GPM flow rate through a given sized pipe and leave it to the mechanic to then figure the velocity in FPS.

    For example we can post on this list and say we have 3″ diameter pipe with say 65 PSI what is the gallon flow and what is the velocity?

    Of course WALLFRAUD being a P&H guy can rattle the correct answer off in about 45 seconds after all this is a “plumbers list” and this is nothing more then really basic helpers questions (2nd year apprentice to be exact)

    Copper tubing is not designed to handle more then 6 FPS and on hydronics heating Hot water @180 degree the CDA says keep the flow rate to no more then 2-3 FPS.

    OK FRAUD lets say this device pushes 3 GPM 1″ pipe what is the velocity and Fraud does piping materials make a difference?

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