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In reply to message posted by Wallingford Plm+Htg:
Hey Sylvan,I didn’t mean to make you mad.I was just confused by you recomending the use of a “fantastic plastic device”when there was no case of “duress”.I also didn’t think that you would use a compression fitting on a main line when a soldered fittng or a union would be a better job.I am wondering what would cause you so much “duress” that you would install a “fantastic plastic device” instead of a solid bronze circulator.Oh, and could you please stop calling me names.Your really hurting my feelings.Your reminding me of when I was was in 3rd grade and a bully stole my yo yo.Hey,come to think of it what school did you go to?

Bronze wow not knowing water quality Or if fouling could be a problem or the pH of the water and your saying “Bronze”

Great now what exact composition of “Bronze” are you talking about?

Tell me like RED Brass or Yellow brass or Muntz Metal

Hey Fraud you said Bronze with how much copper and Tin Or Zinc would you suggest? BECAREFUL Fraud we dont want dezincfication do we?

What Velocity are you suggesting for this circulator?

How many GPM are you planning on moving?

Or are you the kind of Fraud who goes to a home center and says “give me a pump” one size fits all HUH P&H man?

You should be ashamed to even think your a handyman as your not even that good

How do YOU figure pump efficiency from horse power?

Are you going to have constant circulation or on an aquastat THEN please explain why and which one gives a longer “pump” life.

Come on Fraud your posting materials for a circulator please explain what a “Billy Butt Crack” should know before they shoot off there stupid mouth saying BRONZE.

Is this water hard? Soft? sandy? Acidic.

What pitch of the impeller would you suggest?

Why not stainless steel impeller with a monel seat?

Do we have a fixed connection to the impeller or magnet type bearing assembly?

Does this “bronze” circulator have any type of over load protection Or manual reset?

Is the water going to act as a lubricant or do we need to service this “Bronze” device?

Amazing when a childs mentality learns a new word there repeat it having no clue to why

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