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Jerry Peck

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The main purpose of it is SAVING WATER, not just to provide continuous hot water to the faucet.

Thanks again for the info, hope someone has seen the device I am searching for.

The purposes of a pump driven or gravity flow hot water recirculating system are two-fold:
1) to provide almost instant hot water at each tap off the recirculating loop
2) to also save water

By providing almost instant hot water at each tap off the loop, there is no need to run a lot of water to get hot water, thus, the non-wasted water (to get hot water to the faucet being used) is saved.

I think you may be confusing saving water and saving energy. A hot water recirculating system save water, however, it may (or may not) save energy.

If installed in a frequently used system, the hot water recirculating loop may also save energy. If installed in a seldom used system, the energy spent continuously pumping the water (not applicable to gravity flow systems) may offset the energy to heat the water being wasted in a non-recirculating system (turn the hot water on, let if flow down the drain until the water finally gets warm enough – forget getting hot, just warm enough).

I’ve always thought is a lack of thought when the plumbing code REQUIRES 1.6 gpf commodes, yet ALLOWS wasting gallons of water just to get hot water to wash your hands after using the WATER SAVER commode. Aren’t you supposed to wash your hands with hot water after using the bathroom?

I inspected a house last week with a separate guest house where, after running the ‘hot’ water at the bathroom lavatory faucet for 15 MINUTES, the water was only just getting to 90 degrees (measured with a thermometer, not guessing). No, no one invloved with designing or building the house thought about installing a water heater in the guest house.

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