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    In reply to message posted by johnws:
    The product you are looking for is called the Chilipepper 3000. Their website is If you want to look at an alternative, the one Sylvan mentions is “Just Right” by Nibco, their website is
    Another one you can look at is
    Good luck.

    Thanks for the info SylvanLMP and Johnws…

    I looked at the pages, (except , which is irrelevant). The Autocirc is a similar device, but both it and the Nibco “Just Right” always bring hot water to the tap, whether you are going to use it or not.

    The device I found had a pump in it and, as I understood, only brings water when you want it, I guess there is a button on it. The main purpose of it is SAVING WATER , not just to provide continuous hot water to the faucet.

    Thanks again for the info, hope someone has seen the device I am searching for.

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