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    In reply to message posted by Wallingford Plm+Htg:
    I didn’t ask for an exam.I just wanted to know why you would reccomend that someone should install this plastic device?You said again that you would only use plastic under duress.I wouldn’t consider a convenience device a reason for”duress”.I’m also surprised that your ok with the installation of compression fitting’s on a supply line.

    Well please how about answering something ok Jack Leg Fraud P&H

    Compression fitting ok Hero what is the seperation strenth of a soldered joint 95-5 and a screwed joint and a flare and a compression come one YOU brought it up tell us WHAT IS WRONG with a “compression” joint HUH HUH HUH????

    OFF the WALLFRAUD look at the education I just gave you YOUR aleady looking at pictures

    Someday you may even learn to READ past 4th grade code level.

    Well WALLFRAUD please how these devices work OK P&H expert

    You really are a Moron huh?

    FRAUD said “I wouldn’t consider a convenience device a reason for”duress”

    Wow off the wall you had better learn from a helper WHY people need these types of devices God are you really that thick Or do you work hard trying to be an imbecile?

    PLEASE just post where you dabble so I can contact the locality and ask HOW they allow *********** out of a cage?

    You are by far the very worst of the misfits I have ever read posting Congratulations your number one.

    The Worst of the worst.

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