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In reply to message posted by Wallingford Plm+Htg:
I can’t believe that Sylvan is suggesting that someone should install a PLASTIC device on a hot water heater.Does that mean that it’s ok to use plastic now? I do recall you saying that you would only use plastic under deress.

Off the WALLFRAUD good thing you never saw a dip tube (used in a hot water heater) as they are made of thermo plastics.

Areal Fraud uses P&H as they have no license as a AH with a big mouth has no clue to piping materials.

Hey FRAUD P&H how would you calibrate a Leslie steam valve?

Hey Fraud Which “plastic” features remarkable high temperature performance and can handle “corrosive” fluids at working temperatures up to 280 degrees?

Which “Plastic” has a great resistance to halogens and weathering to UV? Come on FRAUD your a P&H guy you got to know this correct? After all plastic is plastic HUH GUY?

Or do you only PVC, CPVC, PVDF, PP and Can you tell which ones are suitable for various conditions?

Of course you being a plastic specialist knows the actual working pressures and the temperature pressure relationship and what chemicals are best suited for each type of “plastic”

Fraud can you please explain about the deflection per inch per degree of thermal expansion and contraction of copper Type K as opposed to schedule 80 CPVC on a 60-100 degree temperature range with a WWP of 34 PSIA

Of course you will or are you REALLY a FRAUD and really have no clue to plastic or anything else relating to P&H Are you a failure or not please explain the virtues of plastic
OK AH mouth please explain WHAT material you would suggest to be used in a dielectric nipple and WHY DUH come on Fraud its simple basic P&H questions guy.

Well you did menthion my name so let the world see YOUR qualifications ok FRAUD P&H

Still waiting for the heating answers DUH

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